QMP Agency is a French 360° structure proposing Exclusive Management & Booking deals to creative Artists, high-level mix/mastering, production, labels management and promotion. Gathering Communication, Marketing, Management, Event Management and Business Strategy qualifications, the QMP Agency team takes care of its Artists 100% and allows them therefore to focus on Music.

For all kind of inquiries, please get in touch
at maudbrooke(at)qmpagency.com

Artists & Labels

Labels Management


PANAM, Parisian label for House, Deep-House and Tech-House.


Change Your Mind Records is Quentin Mosimann’s own label.


Over 10 years of intense studio work and specialized in electronic music production genres (EDM, Bigroom, Electro, Progressive, House) plus sound- engineering, our professional sound engineers are using the very last professional tools, technics, tips and plugins dedicated to Mixing and Mastering.

They will be able to control the overall RMS, Dynamic Range and peaks of final mastered track to fit perfectly with the type of music.

For the mastering process, our mission is to focus and work on different steps for an optimal mastering: Normalization, Equalization, Compression and/Or Multiband Compression, Saturation, Excitement, Spatialization, Stereo-imaging, Phasing corrections, Mid-Side Processing, Coloring, Dithering, Maximizing and finally Limiting.

For the mixing process, our mission is to focus and work on different step for an optimal mastering: Balancing the levels of the tracks that have been recorded, Fine-tuning the sound of each instrument or voice using equalization (EQ), panning the tracks between speakers to create a stereo image, adding reverb/compression and other effects to enhance the original recording.


QMP Publishing is a French structure proposing Publishing deals and solutions to creative Artists, in close collaboration with our partner Warner Chappell Music France.

For publishing and licensing requests, please get in touch at Maud


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